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Take care of your family by using a family finder app, no matter where your members are. By simply installing this family tracker software the logs from the target phone will be collected and will be sent via the internet to our servers. This way all activities will be available on your family locator account.
Don't miss this chance and take care of your child's behaviour!

With Family finder you can watch on:
1. Text logs
- SMS and MMS - Just install our family tracker app and you will see the text content of each message or multimedia message
- Phone logs - The text details about each call (date, duration, name and number) will be monitored by the family tracker application.

2. Audio logs
- Phone calls records - All phone conversations will be automatically recorded by this family finder app and the audio files will be available on your account.
- Surroundings records - Do you need to find out where your child is? By using this family tracer software you can record surroundings by sending an SMS command from your phone to the target device.

3. Pictures logs:
- Pictures taken and pictures downloaded - With the family tracker app check all pictures taken or downloaded by your children.
- Attached MMS pictures - Monitor the text content and be aware of the attached pictures

4. Location and security
- GPS logs - all GPS coordinates will be tracked using the most complete family tracker software of this kind. All GPS pins will be displayed on a map to find out the exact location for each coordinate
- Sim change notification - You will receive a notification from our family locator app every time when the SIM card will be replaced with a new one

5. Social networking logs:
- Line logs
- Viber logs
- Facebook logs
- Whatsapp logs
- Skype logs
- For all this features require ROOT access. You can track the messages without giving a SuperUser permission to our family tracer software

6. Digital environment
- Default internet browser - This is the most used internet browser being installed by default on all devices. If your child is using this browser our family locator application will be able to track what website were accessed.
- Google Chrome browser - There are a lot of users even if this browser is not as popular. With family tracer app you will not lose anything
- S-Browser (Default Samsung browser) - Our family finder is the only application that can monitor the default browser available on Samsung devices